Fire. 10 facts you may or may not know;

  1. Fire is hot due to the weak O2 bonds being converted to stronger bonds of CO2 during combustion.
  2. It’s actually the partial burning of soot that produces the familiar orange flame. Complete burning of fuel gives off a blue flame
  3. A flame from a candle burns at approx 1000 centigrade.
  4. Fossil records show the first wild fires occurred 470 million years ago due to increased levels of oxygen given off by plants.
  5. Evidence of fire being manipulated for cooking food goes back to 1.9 million years.
  6. The oldest known site with Archeological evidence of fire use is Wonderwerk cave in S. Africa
  7. Fire in Ghaelic is Aodh.
  8. Flames dont cast shadows
  9. Theres a natural gas vent in Iraq that’s been burning for 4000 years….its even mentioned in the bible.
  10. Salamanders were called “fire lizards” by the ancient Greeks. They believed a lit fire produced them…..the salamanders however were only residing in the logs being burnt.