Still Sitting on the Fence?

Still Sitting on the Fence?

Dates are up for Survival Training in October, This year we will be running a combined course up in the NW of Scotland. Taking complete beginners all the way up to aspirant Survival Instructors. This is the perfect opportunity to not only learn from the leaders in Survival training but also from the diverse members taking part.  So if you’ve been unsure up to this point whether you’ve “got what it takes”, why not drop us a line and see what we can do for you?

STAS was founded by Duncan Clark of North Ridge Adventure with input from SAS survival guide author John “Lofty” Wiseman, the NCFE and others.  The current Handbook for all STAS is the SAS survival Handbook. All 4 levels within STAS are underpinned and structured by survival models such as PLAN-M, the rule of 3′s and the survival pyramid.

The Survival Training Award Scheme (STAS) – Founding Member

In response to a growing trend for regulation of adventurous training, STAS has been established to provide quality standards for land-based survival skills. The aims of the scheme are to:

  • Provide quality training and assessment for survival skills – standardized, accountable and suitable for all individuals and organizations
  • Offer a clear progression route for students (see course outlines below)
  • Safeguard the adventurous nature of Survival Training – learning to manage risk appropriately
  • Assure customers of instructor competence.

Survival Instructor Award (SIA) – The Top Award, Independently Accredited at Level 4 in the UK

This professional award takes place over all 4 seasons and is for people who wish to teach the full range of survival skills.


Already Instructing? SERE qualified? Contact us about Accredited Prior Learning (APL) 

Candidates must be highly self motivated and should be aware this course will involve rigorous performance assessment.  We do however allow for a wide range of learning styles and have assessment methods which allow you to shine, including video diaries and practical projects.

Your Survival Training/NCFE Certificate of Achievement will provide professional recognition in this fascinating and growing sector.

We invite serious enquiries from individuals or organisations, and will be pleased to advise on special courses for groups. This Award is restricted to those over 18 years of age with appropriate relevant experience.


Survival Group Leader (SGL) – the course for leaders in non remote areas

Stepping stone to the SIA or destination in its own right, the SGL is for those leading groups in non-remote locations and has a different remit to the SIA.

The SGL award focusses on being able to provide safe and enjoyable survival experiences to groups of beginners and to young people: – bivouac skills (woodland shelters), fire safety and general campcraft including sustainability issues feature highly. Over and above these skills however is the need for effective planning, risk assessment, and emergency procedures and these form a major part of assessment.

Personal Survival Award (PSA) – a personal proficiency course

Still Sitting on the Fence?

Bushcraft and Wilderness skills in the Britain’s most northerly Survival School

The PSA has a broad scope and is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to operate effectively in any situation. On this course you will learn about the PLAN-M method (Protection, Location, Acquisition, Navigation – Medical) and will actually experience what it means to survive outdoors with minimal equipment. We will teach you how to construct shelter, build fire for warmth and cooking, attract rescuers and deal with the most challenging terrain and weather. Your certificate iwill be a passport to confidence in the great outdoors, wherever life may take you.

Survival AWare (SAW) – the essential course for everyone

Now including the Commando Survival courses we are running in association with Go Commando Bootcamp and our good friend Lee Stuart – former Royal Marines Commando instructor and fitness advisor.

Still Sitting on the Fence?

Happy Campers

One night out in the woods with your family, friends or even alone. Sounds easy? Maybe the thought terrifies you…whatever the answer this course will show the reality – that with the right skills and knowledge it doesn’t need to be so bad, in fact we will ensure you have a good time as you learn and will assist you to develop some useful skills to go home with.

There are no age restrictions on this course and the subjects taught will be tailored to the group.


Keep up to date with our blog for more offers on our Bushcraft and Survival Courses in Scotland and North East England – We feature discounts and competitions regularly.