Protection in Arctic Conditions

Winter brings a number of challenges with it; more specialised equipment, shorter days, extreme conditions and less margin for error in navigation. The rule of 3’s state that without adequate protection, on average, the human body will cease to function after 3 hours.

Shovel up or Quinzy

As well as taking the usual precautions when venturing outdoors, we should always be equipped with spare clothes, group shelters, survival bags and foil blankets should the worst happen and we end up benighted on the hill/forest. Getting to grips with improvising a shelter will mitigate the panic that sets in should the scenario happen for real.

Finishing a snow cave just before last light

Every environment has a solution to the protection issue, BCS are leading experts in cold environment survival. We offer the unique experience to our clients of spending overnight trips in by far the most inhospitable environment in the UK and perhaps the whole of Europe.

Final door way block being placed on a Kaloo

If you are looking at expanding your knowledge into a winter environment then please take a look at our winter courses here: