Survival Training Courses


Land-Based Survival Instructor £2800.00

The Overview for the Land-Based Survival Instructor includes the following:


The Land-Based Survival Instructor is a partnership set up in 2017 to Deliver Survival Instructor courses. Please feel free to contact via BCS or visit the LSI Homepage

Due to the growing demand for formal Survival Training over the past 3 decades the LSI is designed with a view to equip successful candidates with the knowledge and Instructional skills to deliver Professional survival courses. This takes many forms, from formal risk assessments, health and safety considerations to the planning, preparation and execution of delivering relevant courses to a paying client.


The LSI is a multi-environmental course looking at a wide range of Survival techniques within different topographical areas and throughout all 4 seasons of the year. Throughout the process candidates will be potentially required to experience working in a hostile habitat that they may not be familiar with, with a view to increase their knowledge and own skill base whilst at the same time being mentored and directed down other avenues of qualifications I.e Mountain Leader etc. The process of the LSI will qualify the successful candidate to provide fully insured Survival Training to the paying public in a non-remote setting (No further than 30 minutes from a road head and up to a height of 600m, unless accompanied by additional qualifications/experience).


The LSI is open to all candidates regardless of experience or ability. A logbook must be submitted prior to being accepted onto the training course outlining a minimum of 20 “Survival” days, where the candidate has experienced some form of hardship or spent the day practising hard skills relevant to the award. Please note this can include a wide range of settings and scenarios, not just woodland based, and can be of a “historic” nature. Candidates should be physically fit and have a certain amount of mental robustness due to prolonged amounts of time in the outdoors, often in bad weather.

The LSI offers flexible course admission, anyone with Prior knowledge and other qualifications will be assessed so as to ascertain areas for development prior to continuing with the syllabus.

At the time of being accepted onto the LSI, candidates must be in possession of an in-date 2 day first aid course (EFAW is built into the modules)


The Itinerary for the Land-Based Survival Instructor includes the following:

  1. First point of contact – Candidates shall register their interest by sending an email to with a brief outline of their prior experience and reasons for their interest (work, interest, personal development etc)
  2. Email is forwarded to the course director. Further emails may ensue if we/you have any questions.
  3. Payment is made. On receipt of payment, Assessment and experience logbooks are issued by the course director along with Dates and joining instructions for the years course (LSI).

Module 1 – Personal performance

Attendees will join the first module. This takes the form of a 3 Day course, and covers PLAN-M, Survival Pyramid and the rule of three’s. This is the point where Instructional staff get “eyes on”, and will be able to direct the candidate as to gaps in skill sets that need to be addressed.

Module 2 – H&S and coaching days

Attendees will attend a 3 day course looking at formal risk assessment making, health and safety in the outdoors and complete EFAW first aid bolt-on.

Module 3 – Upland/Mountain training

Attendees will attend a 2 day course concentrating on working as a Survival instructor in an upland environment.

Module 4 – Coastal

     Attendees will investigate PLAN in an coastal setting

Module 5 – Winter

Attendees will carry out training in an arctic environment upland/woodland


This period will be used by attendees to work on personal skills and group management through course delivery, either through working with their own groups or as part of a mentoring process delivering BCS courses.

Module 6 – Teach Backs

     Attendees will pull together lesson plans and deliver elements of PLAN (peer to peer)

 Final Exercise

     Attendees will pull all the above together to deliver a two day survival course to members of the       paying public. Successful candidates will be awarded badges and certificates.

No Course Dates

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