Backcountry Survival Ltd Courses

Backcountry Survival Ltd prides itself on delivering realistic survival courses in Scotland. We have a common sense “real world” approach to all our Survival courses. As a founding member of the Survival Training Award Scheme you can be sure of quality and instructor competence. For us, Survival is a dynamic subject and our courses reflect this fact, as such, you will be learning in a wide range of environments often as part of a journey.

Survival training is something that everyone should have access to whether you are planning your next expedition abroad, working in an outdoor environment, or use the outdoors for recreational purposes. We provide survival courses to a wide range of clients, from the military to educational organisations and schools. We also provide technical support, logistics and consultancy services to businesses working in the outdoors. As well as this, we are keen on outdoor education so are proud to be able to deliver the John Muir Discovery Award, the Forest School Award and the Bushcraft Award to young people. Our interest in educating young people sees us offering courses for young people and families.

Backcountry Survival Ltd has a wealth of knowledge running courses around Scotland and the rest of UK, the courses listed below are our most popular, however, we do run bespoke courses and expeditions. If you would like more information do please get in touch.

To make sure you choose the right course we have introduced a difficulty rating based on the physical and mental challenges on our courses.  This is explained below.

“Courses with this rating are suitable for all. There is a small amount of physical hardship with a small amount of walking. Courses are suitable for 18+”

“Courses with this rating are suitable for all. There is a reasonable amount of walking and some forms of physical output. Courses are suitable for 18+”

“Courses with this rating are suitable for 18+. There is a significant amount of physical output, perhaps over a number of days. Time may be spent overnight in poor weather with minimum equipment. A certain amount of mental robustness is needed to complete.”

“Courses with this rating are suitable for 18+. There is significant physical output sometimes over multi-day, and often in Hostile habitats i.e high mountains etc. Equipment/food may be stripped back (if woodland based) or large rucksacks carried (if mountain based). Temperatures may be sub-zero or excessively high. A good level of mental robustness is needed. Special attention should be given to the kit lists available.”

“Courses with this rating are suitable for 18+. There is sustained physical output over multi-days, potentially carrying up to 40lbs, often in high/mountain terrain. Long “hill days” may be necessary, for this reason a good level of fitness is needed. Weather and temperatures are likely to be sub-zero or excessively high. Special attention should be given to kit lists available.”