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Planning a trip in a wilderness setting can be a daunting undertaking, there is much to think about from clothing, sleeping, shelter systems, navigational tools, nutrition and everything in between. These of course need to be relevant to the environment you are operating in. Backcountry Survival course instructors are experienced in operating in a wide range of environments both at home and abroad. From arctic and desert to jungle and temperate, we have looked after, assisted, prepared and trained individuals for their next adventures.

Whether you are a production or filming company, explorer, magazine or just looking for advice on clothing and equipment, we can help you. If you require more information about our Survival Consultancy Services in Scotland, England or further afield, please do get in touch.


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Survival Training for corporate and companies

Remote and Wilderness film production support.

Similar to the offshore BOSIET training and EFAW first aid, it has been shown that individuals with prior knowledge and skill sets within Land-based survival techniques have an added advantage in an emergency situation. This not only gives management and workers peace of mind, but also mitigates the legal ramifications should the worse happen.

Backcountry Survival have been running safety and consultancy since 2009 at our sites across the Highlands of Scotland. These courses include training technicians and workers in emergency procedures should they get cut off from forward bases of work. This includes;

• Reviewing company risk assessments, late back procedures and operating procedures, when working in remote locations.

• Vital lifesaving training;

1. Protection – First aid equipment, Clothing systems, group shelters/bivvies, heat sources.
2. Location – Attract, Hold and direct rescue. Personal location beacons (PLB’s), Satellite phones
3. Acquisition – Survival nutrition and hydration. Water filters.
4. Navigation – Basic to advanced map and compass, GPS training

• Team building and corporate training

BCS use a mix of civilian instructors (ML/WML/MIA/MIC) and military instructors (SERE) to cover a wide spectrum with regards to the subject of working in a remote/hostile environment. We have a number of packages from 4 hour on site presentations, to multi-day on-site and off-site practical training.