The Changeability of Scotland’s Weather

The Changeability of Scotland's Weather

The Changeability of Scotland’s Weather

Scotland has recently had a bit of a heat wave (heat wave for us!) and we’ve been running woodland courses in 22 degrees. But it’s never that straight forward – snow moved into the highlands over the weekends returning the Cairngorms to full on Arctic conditions.

It’s always worth doing your homework before venturing forth, we personally check the MWIS – mountain weather information service, and if venturing into the hills the SAIS – Scottish avalanche information service. It’s incredible seeing ill prepared folk out on the hills, more often than not in trainers and jeans without axe or crampons in the winter. 9 times out of 10 you’ll get away with it, but that 1 time…….

….people out without adequate equipment don’t only endanger their own life’s but everyone that’s on the mountain with them, or others that are close by. Not to mention the good men and women of the mountain rescue that risk their lives and sacrifice their time to help the unfortunate souls.

Don’t get me wrong, accidents will always happen in the wilderness….that’s why it’s called wilderness! The meaning of adventure is the undertaking of an activity where the outcome is uncertain. It adds to the excitement and allows us to draw on our own abilitys and nounce to complete an objective. But an adventure doesn’t start as you step out of the car into the woods, or into an open boat, it begins a week or more before with planning.



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