Survival Tin – Whats in yours?

Survival Tin – Whats in yours?

Over the top? Unrealistic?  The survival tin is an essential expedition component regardless of whether you’re an explorer, traveller, outoorsman/woman or serving in the military. It shows a preparedness and an acknowledgment that things may go wrong at some point in your trip. Remember the 7 P’s ;

  • Prior
  • Preparation
  • Planning
  • Prevents
  • Piss
  • Poor
  • Performance

The Survival Tin should be small enough to keep on your person at all points and should cover the Survival Prioritise/ Hierarchy.

P – Protection from (further) harm and the elements. (you’ll last 3 hours max, worse case scenario, without it)

L – Location should be transmitted to potential rescuers at the earliest Opportunity. Location methods should remain in force throughout scenario.

A- Acquisition of water is your first priority (you’ll last 3 days max without it) Food is your second (you’ll last 3 weeks max without it)

N- Navigate yourself out of the situation if help doesn’t appear. Bear in mind that rescuers may be looking for you in your last known location. If Rescue tells you to stay where you are, you do just that!

M – Medical – Medical knowledge and first aid underpins everything.

From Top L to Bottom R

Survival Tin (Metal) – robust, able to boil water/cook food/signal location (mirror),  Sealed with water proof tape (Navigation and water crossings)

Foil Blanket – Improvised tarp, hypothermia treatment, water collection, signal/location (tinsel tree)

Fishing Kit – Acquisition of food (fishing/tangle), medical (sewing kit)

Cotton wool – Fire when used in conjunction with ferrous rod and

vaseline./ Medical.

Pencil and paper – Navigation/sketch map. Medical observations. Tinder from wood/rubber/paper.

Condom – Water collection (2 litres), tinder, Medical wound dressing

Small Knife and sharpening stone – The best knife to use in a survival situation?……..the knife you’ve got. Should be small and robust.

Candle – Fire lighting, light, signal, tinder, food (if made from animal fat) repairing torn clothing.

Fire Block – Fire lighting/signal

Chlorine tablets – water purification/sterilisation

Pottasium Permanginate – water purification/fire lighting/signal

Whistle – Location, in an emergency blow 6 LONG blasts over 1 minute

Storm matches – Fire

Razor blade (sterile) – Medical/game prep/protection

Button Compass – Navigation/Location

Rubber/Rubber band – Long burning tinderFire/ Medical

Small First Aid Kit – Medical/protection, Fire. Should include; Para/Brofen, plasters, small bandage.

Heliograph – Location, signalling Ground to Air

IR Beacon – Location, Signalling ground to Air

Ferrous striker – Essential for fire lighting

Wire Saw – Prep of fire wood, can be made into hand held saw by building jig. Acquisition/Medical

Parachord – Protection/Location/Acquisition/Medical

Wire – Carry enough for 8-10 snares. Protection/Medical

Tea/Coffee – Superb for morale!

Sewing kit – Medical, repairing clothes, trapping

Suspender Buttons –  Suspending water filters, replacement “larks feet” for improvised shelter.

Safety Pins – Repairing clothes, Medical, Acquisition – Fish hooks



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