Secret Agent Training:WWII

Last year BCS were involved in the “Living series” Secret Agent Training WWII, which is scheduled for airing on the 9th of April @ 2100 on BBC 2.  The Programme is split into 5 episodes, following recruits through similar training SEO agents would have done during WW2.


If you have no idea about SOE check out the link here:

As well as running general logistics, safety and front of camera instruction, we also built a large Via Ferrata ladder 60ft high, similar to those found in the Dolomites of Italy.  The shooting was carried out on Alvie estate in the Highlands, any of you who have been on a course with us before may well recognise a lot of the areas we used, and if you’ve not been on a course with us then this programme will make you want to!  It’ll be well worth a watch!

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