The Real Survival Experience

A short videos sent in from one of our clients on the morning of day 2 of our multi-environment Survival course.  Want authenticity when you book on with a Survival company?  All our instructors have years of experience and come from a mixed background of civilian and military, to give you the most realistic and up to date information/experience money can buy.

Here’s what some of clients said about the 3 day course from this weekend;

It was a real pleasure to meet you and work with you all over those few long days last weekend. Many thanks to Neil and Grumps for the superb instruction and patience along the way. For me, the course hit the donkey on the nose and I will continue to practise the skills that we were taught, back home. Corrin

Hi team I can only reiterate what everyone else has said, good team led by fantastic instructors, throughly enjoyed my weekend & learnt lots of new skills, watch this space for example pics!  Loving the photos as did not take many. All the very best for the future team Mark

Dear all, I also arrived home and my dog went crazy, it seems that I still have the survival smell on me. It was a wonderful time and, even with a bad memory, I will not and won’t forget this! In three days we really bonded and I miss all of you. I keep on thinking back to all of you and your specialties. Niel and Graham, thank you very much for an excellent course. Niel with your expertise on everything and Graham  with the sheep stories (although I didn’t understand much of your English, I enjoyed your great sence of humor). Mark with the great building drive and other Mark from Edinborough with your great social skills. Greg with your enthusiasm and the bright look at life, Corrin with your surplus of nice army stories and all those jokes, Anna with your special remarks ” fire?, it’s useless!”, Jelmer with your drive to go on and enthusiasm (I love you😊). Again it was an amazing experience, I will also send some pictures and feel free to use them where ever you want👍🏻. All the best and regards, Dirk.

Same here guys. Just completed our trip from the Highlands to the lowlands. It was a very special trip for me with  special people. I wont forget this for a very very long time, unless i get lymes ofcourse😉 But even then, fuck it, it was well worth it. Thanks again guys, all of you Jelmer

Wow! Great pictures!! Thanks a lot guys. Especially for the really amazing time we had. These three days felt like a lifetime and I already miss to be out in the nature with all of you. Take care and maybe life let us cross our paths again! Anna

Hi all, firstly thanks all for a fantastic time, an experience I’ll never forget. Neil and Graham you were top lads and what u both know about the survival subject is unbelievable 🙂
I don’t think I could have been stuck in the wilderness with 8 nicer people so again folks thanks for making it the experience it was. Greig