Britains last true wilderness?


This weekend saw the first opportunity to snow hole, winter is definitely here! Setting off from the ski car park at Cairngorm, we navigated up onto the Cairngorms plateau.

The plateau itself is technically a sub arctic plateau, and completely unique from the rest of Britain.  This is the perfect place to cover true Survival skills.

Further along the the plateau we went until we ended up in a “Lee slope” where the snow had accumulated to a depth of 6 metres. A quick avalanche risk assessment followed by 3 hours of digging we ended up with a comfortable snow cace to spend the night in.  This snow cave was at a height of 1060 metres above sea level……we were the highest people sleeping on land in the whole of the UK.

An early start in the morning and navigation in whiteout conditions saw us standing atop Ben MacDhui, the second highest point in Britain.

The film above is panning over to the Loch A’an basin in the very heart of the Cairngorms. National Geographic voted it in the “top 100 places on the planet to visit before you die”, we completely agree.

We still have some spaces left on similar winter adventures for this season…..get in amongst ot!