Top tips Tuesday

  1. Use a pencil sharpener to shave twigs to get wood shavings to start a fire

2.Dew on grass can be absorbed by clothes and ringed out for drinking water.

3.Brewing the flesh parts of rose hips and their leaves in water provide a mild constipation relief. The outer part of the rose hips contains a high amount of vitamin C

4.Melting para cord can be used as glue or to patch holes in gortex etc.

5.Duct tape over your metal mug stops you burning your lips.

6.A simple test of your physical capacity is to touch the thumb to the little finger of the same hand. The moment you have any difficulty in doing this you should light a fire.

7.Horse shoe fungus has to be cut into small strips and dried to catch a spark.

8.Turn on of your headtorch batteries round the wrong way to stop it from turning on accidentally in your bag.

9.When a crescent moon rises before the sun sets, join the top point to the bottom point in a straight line and continue that line down to the horizon, this will point to South.

10.During the winter pack your water bottle away upside down, this will stop the mouth piece from freezing.