Winter Woodland

Winter Woodland

Running courses in Scotland gives us the added edge of being able to run courses in the snow.  During the winter months theres always snow to be found if you know where to look!  We use Alvie estate near Aviemore to run most of our courses.

A traditional estate where heards of red deer roam and the golden eagle is a regular sight. Taking the 4×4 track into the Monalaidh we can quickly find ourselves 500 metres above sea level, an hours walk in over open grouse moor takes us upto the tree line, mature pine trees stand like sentinels.  Its here that is home for the night, 2 hours hard graft and youve created a ‘shovel up’ shelter, another half hour and the fires blazing drying off wet clothes and boiling the brew pot.

As it gets dark the strange feeling of having no tent comes across you, the feeling of being exposed on a bleak hill side quickly fades away as you crawl into the snow cave, quietness descends.

Its easy to wax lyrically about these places and the people you spend time with when your there, but this is an experience we should all have at some point, no need to travel abroad, its all here in the highlands!



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