Consultancy and Logistics

Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival Courses in Scotland

All quite on the Blog front over the last month…..not down to laziness mind!  BCS have just finished a block of work for the BBC; Consulting, moving production crew around challenging terrain, as well as plenty of front of camera time.  We can’t disclose exactly what we were doing at this moment in time but we think you’ll be impressed with the finished product!

BCS pride ourselves on our courses and training that we run, however we are lucky enough to draw on a wide range of experience from individuals both civilian and military, having operated in some highly challenging parts of the globe.  Believe it or not (!) we don’t do it just for the money either, the best jobs are the “head scratchers” and the “you want to do what?”.  If you’ve got a type 2 fun project and need a bit of guidance or pointing in the right direction, or you need an experienced team working away in the background, be sure to bear us in mind.