Wales Coast Path Expedition 2024

Backcountry Survival Ltd are proud sponsors of Neil Smith who in June 2024 will attempt the Wales Coast Path unsupported in 30 days to raise money for charities; Walking with the Wounded (WWTW), Combat Stress and the Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Airmen’s Families Association (SSAFA). In addition, through this challenge, he also aims to raise awareness of the CitytoSea charity.

The Wales Coast Path covers 870 miles (1,400km) of primarily rugged terrain with a total rise and fall of 95,800ft (29,200m), almost three times the height of Everest. What makes this challenge unique is the conditions that he will be operating within. He will be using no public facilities whatsoever throughout the journey whether that be accommodation, places to eat, shops, campsites etc. He will be setting off on my journey with 20-30KG of supplies and will be required to apply bushcraft and foraging skills along the way to complete the route. He will source and process his own food, purify his own water, and keep himself rested and medically fit through wild camping and the use of natural resources. This is not only a physical and mental endurance challenge but also a severe test of the bushcraft and foraging skills that he will be learning from some of the country’s best survival, bushcraft, and foraging experts. Which is where we come in!

To find out more about what Neil has planned, the conditions it will be under and how to donate to the charities, follow this link to the website.

As his journey develops we will post updates. Best of luck to Neil!