Nick Woods favourite gear

Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival Courses in England


Well, who am I to comment? I’ve been in the outdoors most of my life, Fishing, Shooting, and hunting .I’m a professionally trained hunter and fishing instructor . As well as having served in the army and now working as an instructor for Backcountry Survival,  I have the pedigree to back my opinions up! I also know the difference between a good and bad bit of kit, and the differences it can make in the field.

Here are my 6 favourite bits of kit……not so much Survival based, but as an all round “outdoorsman”, this is the gear I love!


Fjallraven Anorak no 10

A great light weight anorak, with built-in vent sides to help control body temp when working hard outside.

I have used this anorak quite a lot this summer in kielder forest which is a very wet climate at times with unpredictable weather patterns and  it has never let me down, whether in camp or on the hill it has allowed me to keep working in comfort dry and safe from the elements

The zips and pockets and fastenings were easy to use even when you hands were wet and cold.

And when used with the abisko base layer, I found it to be even better and more comfortable especially in cold tempters at night up in the hills. Whilst out hunting I was as comfortable as if I was walking on a summers day .



Axe and Saw

Axe and Saw

Another favourite of mine has to be my axe and saw, this is a bit of kit that I like to carry and use. I use a hultafors axes, hand forged since 1883 in Sweden and steeped in tradition it gives superb quality and can be used for a wide range of jobs.  I’ll also carry my frame saw which I made myself, and again these are great bits of kit ,that never lets me down yet.  I often find that I’m more likely to use a saw than any other cutting implement whilst out running courses.

Fjallraven Smock no 1 – or as I like to call it my jacket of many pockets
Made from the g1000 fabric this is a real favourite of mine this jacket has many pockets but unlike other jackets its has been really well thought out. And all the pocket are easily accessible and well balanced out even when full! It’s an extremely comfortable warm jacket if I’m only going to be out for a couple of days. If I’ve left my rucksack behind and just used this jacket as it can hold every thing that I need to travel light and fast. The fastenings are easy to use at extreme temperatures even when wearing gloves.



The Mora Eldris

Mora Knives
I first started using mora knives quite a few years ago when training for my DSC 1 and 2 mainly down to the reason the Mora fitted the hygiene requirements for a trained hunter. I Bought a Mora clipper at first which is a good move for anyone, and what a knife I got, easy to keep clean, safe and very sharp but easy to maintain wether im hunting , fishing or doing some bush craft these knives in my opinion are a must. not as expensive as some knives iv bought in the past but most certainly one of my favourite knives whether I’m grallicing deer making nets or carving notches for traps it’s the one I always seem to pick up first to do the job.

And I look forward to seeing moras next development, my newest mora is the eldris, a fantastic little knives with a big attitude.

Remington 700

When hunting my favourite rifle has to be my Remington 700 a well balanced rife even with my big moderator on. I like the action it has and a really comfortable stock that fits me really well and i just love working with it