Help Needed!

We’re supporting regular client Mike Elm on this epic adventure, if you can do anything to help him out then get in contact with either us or him direct.


We live by the stories we tell and now the world needs a new story. I want your help to tell it.
I believe that all across the world there are pieces of a new story, a story of the compassion, generosity and cooperation we need in the face of the ecological and climate crisis. 
On 21st November 2019 I’m setting off on the New Story Ride, to meet the people creating that new story of how we can prosper into the 21st century. I will be finding and telling this story through a low budget, low (environmental) impact, ‘climate adventurism’ journey, travelling solo and unsupported* across Europe and Asia by bike and wild camping, starting in the winter.

The New Story Ride, starting from Austria on the Climate Reality Project’s worldwide ‘Truth in Action’ day, will add a storyline to Rosie Watson’s incredible New Story Run ( which set off from the Lake District, UK on 17th August 2019 and has already been telling inspiring stories from England, Netherlands and Germany. The two routes will evolve as they go heading roughly through the Balkans, Bulgaria across the Black Sea, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan and towards Mongolia. This may take two years, and mean some extreme environments, as far as possible the journey continues through rain, shine, snow, wind.
These twinned solo adventures will be separate but intertwining to allow us to meet and tell more stories of the diverse people creating the new ways of life and new systems we need to make a better world and combat or face up to the climate and ecological crisis. And just occasionally to spend some time together.
I will be documenting the stories I encounter through interviews and images and sharing them through my social media channels and the New Story Ride website ( I will go public with the website and sharing the project on social media from Tuesday 29th October, to start gathering contacts along the route, raising awareness and support – including but not limited to a bike, tent and sleeping bag! 
*solo and unsupported – all planning, coordination, writing and communications done by me. Hopefully there’ll be plenty of emotional, physical and other kinds of support though. And if anyone wants to come along for chunks of the ride, they’re welcome if they come low carbon!
I have a strong background in being part of the movements making the world a better place, I’m a founder of the 2050 Climate Group, one of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leaders and was shortlisted for WWF’s Earth Hour Heroes and most recently working with Creative Carbon Scotland to bring arts and creative skills to the climate emergency. 
Currently I’m in China having travelled by the Trans-Siberian express, thinking and asking what ‘the good new days’ mean, or look like here – I’m slowly sharing my thoughts through ‘Postcards from the Good New Days’ ( I will be returning for the start of the Ride by train.
Although I’m a fan of cycling trips, and that’s how I spend most of my holidays, this is something far outside my comfort zone. And expect it to be a far greater mental and physical challenge than anything I’ve faced before. For instance cycling and camping in ‘proper winter’ will be a first for me. Yes, I choose this. There are millions who do not choose the conditions they face because of the unravelling climate crisis. To me this project feels like the way, more so than anything I’ve been involved with so far, where I can fully apply myself to helping bring about the new story.
Having worked and volunteered for many years with people working to make the world a better place, I’m all too aware they are the type of committed people who work themselves to exhaustion. I recently qualified as a teacher in the classical Sivananda Yoga system and will bring this experience to help those people I meet to develop skills for mental and physical self-care to continue their valuable work.

The expedition will be at least a year long, if I find the financial support (currently I am self-funded). I will be living the values of the New Story whilst existing on a very tight budget (target 60euro / week):

– Using pre-loved or borrowed kit as far as possible (items needed listed below!) to show you don’t always need new stuff, you need well made stuff well maintained and, well…mended! And where necessary sourcing new kit from companies with strong environmental credentials.

– I will be wild camping as much as possible as a low impact way of travel, and taking environmental credentials into account when choosing places to stay for rest days.

– Eating a simple and environmentally responsible vegetarian diet (in so far as language and availability allow).

TELLING THE NEW STORY! Through your mouth, in your email, on your social media, on your website, to that journalist you know etc. etc. 

KIT I am looking for loans/gifts/sponsors/support to fit me (I’m 165cm and give or take a ’Small‘ in European sizes).
FUNDING Funding to support the day to day and month to month of the trip (Initial goal is to secure first 6 months budget – 1560 Euro) and to purchase kit that isn’t sourced through this search
REST Places to rest and recuperate at regular intervals to make the journey physically sustainable! (Homes, Hostels, Campsites, Hotels etc.).
I want the adventure side of the story to help highlight organisations and companies that are making a positive impact, through making things well and making sure they last. For those that I work with I will be sharing info about their kit on my website and social media channels (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook) and can also create bespoke content for their use.
If you’re interested in helping, or have any other ideas I would love to have a chat by email or I’m available talk on Skype / WhatsApp (depending on Wi-Fi) if a call is better for you.
Where the story we live takes us we cannot ever truly know, but we can know that we either approach it with fear or optimism. How we approach it, how we tell the story, determines what our story will be. 
Huge thanks and I looking forward to telling a new story with you,