5 Day Survival Challenge

The basis of the 5 Day Survival Challenge is for the individuals to use the skills that they have learned and practiced on our 2 or 3-day course as well as individual CPD. The first day and a half will be a revision session for those who have attended a course before or an introduction for those who haven’t attended a course. Then they will be moved to a location to go into the exercise phase in the evening following a real-life survival scenario.

Individuals will be given minimum information to allow seclusion and will be visited by instructors to ensure all is okay. There will be emergency equipment with each person including walkies talkie communications.

Due to the prolonged time out in the wilderness, weather factors and the long hours spent learning, a good level of physical fitness and mental stamina is required.

This course is run in areas where there is no one for miles around, it is ran primarily in woodland areas.

This course is open to people who have attended a course with us before and want to put to practice their survival skills in a challenging environment. It is also open to people who haven’t attended a course before but are interested in taking part in a challenging course that will see them learn the skills and knowledge and then put it to practice. This will be a lot more challenging physically and mentally than our 3 Day Survival Course.

If you want to test your survival skills and knowledge then this is the challenge for you.

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