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Land-Based Survival Instructor Award

Backcountry Survival along with a number of other Schools and civilian/military instructors have rolled out the LSI which is an IOL accredited  Award.  The award is run over 6 modules throughout the year, and covers a wide range of geographic areas; from woodland, to mountain and coastal.

The award was set up as a sensible alternative to other Survival awards schemes who ventured into the realms of fantasy when it comes to the subject, many offering falconry and hedge laying as part of/bolt-on’s to their award.  Although these skills are subjects in their own right, they don’t have a place in Survival.  The LSI is grounded in common sense, and true survival but also offers all of the “Bushcraft” skills you would expect from a Bushcraft award.

Perhaps the most appealing part of the LSI is the emphasis on candidates becoming an instructor.  Throughout the year participants will be supported and mentored through the scheme, and also given open access to any of the courses run by the partnership companies……be it for brushing up on further skills, or getting experience delivering sessions to a paying clientele.

Regardless of whether you want to work in the industry or want to qualify yourself to a high standard, the LSI is the benchmark.

We are now taking bookings and enquiries for the first course starting this summer.  For more information you can visit our Training page or visit www.landbasedsurvival.co.uk.