Winter Courses – Aviemore

Our Winter Survival Courses in Scotland run from December to March and take place in the Cairngorm National Park, one of the harshest and beautiful areas in Britain and in the Cairngorms has a rich history when it comes to Survival training and mountaineering having been the training ground for the famous ‘Heroes of Telemark’, as well as others. For those looking to increase their experience at coping in a cold climate our courses are the first step.

You can book your Winter Course now with our online booking system, please check course dates for availability. Once you have booked your course you will receive an email confirming the course and payment details. Remember to download the available resources for your course and bring them with you when you start.

We have a range of courses to suit everyone, for more information on our Winter Survival Courses in Scotland please do contact us. We look forward to welcoming you in the winter season.



2 Day Winter Survival Course £180.00

The Overview for the 2 Day Winter Survival Course includes the following:

The prospect of staying out overnight in the shelter you have built yourself brings a serious element to this course, there is also a certain amount of mental stamina needed to complete the course. The emphasis is on staying out of the elements whilst working through PLAN-M. Individual fitness for this course must be of a sufficient level as you will be working hard over the two days. You will be introduced to a number of Survival models and priorities including PLAN – M, Survival pyramid and the rule of 3’s. This will all be done whilst experiencing Scottish Winter conditions which will make everything more challenging than our 2 Day Summer Survival Courses.


Run at our site in Alvie, Aviemore.


The Itinerary for the 2 Day Winter Survival Course includes the following:

Principles & Priorities of Survival


Survival Triangle

Kit & Equipment

Cutting tools and safe handling

Protection from the elements and further harm:


  • Emergency shelters;
  • Thermal A-frames and Lean-to;
  • Bedding and insulation;
  • Integration of fire into the shelter.


  • Ignition methods;
  • Fuel selection;
  • Wood choices, fire-lays and when to use them;
  • Lighting in winter conditions;
  • Cooking using different parts of the fire.

Attracting Rescue Attract, Hold and Direct

  • Smoke/Fire signal;
  • Torch/Whistle;
  • Beacons/Strobes.


  • Finding water sources;
  • Filtration methods;
  • purifying water.


  • Field dressing game;
  • Wild edibles (seasonal);
  • Trapping and trap building – Strangle – Mangle – Dangle – Tangle’


  • Setting map to the ground;
  • Map and compass – Bearings and contour appreciation;
  • Timing and pacing;
  • Natural Navigation methods – Sun, stars and moon.
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27 January 2024 09:30 - 15:30 6 £180 Book Now
24 February 2024 09:30 - 15:30 8 £180 Book Now