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Survival Science: Potassium Permanganate and Vape fluid

Potassium Permanaganate (KMnO4) is one of the best Survival chemicals you can carry about with you. It has the following uses;

  1. Water Purification – Add enough crystals to turn your water a light pink colour. Leave the water for 15-30 minutes and it’s good to go.
  2. Medical – Pot Per has an extensive range when it comes to sterilization of such ailments as fungal infections, open wounds and tropical ulcers.  It is featured on the WHO model list of essential medicines. When using as a disinfectant drop enough crystals into the water to turn it a deep purple, then apply to infected area.
  3. Fire Lighting – Pot Per is an oxidizing agent, which means it attracts electrons.  When mixed with anything highly calorific such as Anti-freeze, Break fluid, sugar or Glycerol you get ignition (see video above)
  4. Location – The crystals are a very deep Purple colour, this has a highly effective contrast against the white of snow. Sprinkle liberally into an inverted V, approximately 15×3 ft in size, the pot per will then “bloom” massively.

So where do you get it from?  You can buy Potassium Permanaganate online in places such as vet suppliers, ebay and laboratory chemical vendors for  as little as £15.00 for 500g. If you’re sensible with it, this amount will last a life time!